If you’re searching for DBA_PARAMETERS or ALL_PARAMETERS or USER_PARAMETERS…it’s because (like me) you’ve forgotten that the name is DBA_ARGUMENTS, not DBA_PARAMETERS.

There are 3 steps you can follow to prevent this from happening in the future:

1.) Go clear your head.

Take a walk, grab a cup of coffee. Get up and stretch, drink some water, or eat a healthy snack. You might be fatigued and need a break.

2.) Consider creating a synonym

If this has happened multiple times, you might consider just accepting the fact that you need to create a synonym.

 FOR sys.dba_arguments;

3.) Grab a copy of my free SQL Tuning tactical guide

Yeah, but how will this help, Kaley?

Look, I don’t claim to be a doctor, and I don’t really know how it works. This might be a bit optimistic because the field of medicine is constantly changing, but I know that 100% of people interviewed that had grabbed a copy of my free guide reported being able to better remember the DBA_ARGUMENTS view.

100%!!! Frankly, that is incredible!!

This was a study that was conducted in 2020 across a total of 1 persons before it ran out of funding, so the results may be a bit preliminary, but the initial results are exciting, nonetheless.

You can grab a copy of my Oracle SQL Tuning tactical guide here:


7 SQL Tuning Secrets You can Use Immediately, Even If You've Never Tuned A Query In Your Life

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